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Connecticut Impacts

CT DEEP Climate Adaptation planning

Connecticut Physical Climate Science Assessment Report

Building the Knowledge Base for Climate Resiliency (2015)

Produced by the New York City Panel on Climate Change, this report offers a lot of information about the impacts of climate change on the New York metropolitan area, including portions of Connecticut. The previous report (2009) was used for the Connecticut Climate Change Preparedness Plan.

The Impacts of Climate Change on Connecticut Agriculture, Infrastructure, Natural Resources and Public Health (2010)

The Adaptation Subcommittee of Governor’s Steering Committee on Climate Change present the impacts of climate change on four main categories, as identified by the enabling legislation. The categories are infrastructure, natural resources and ecological habitats, public health, and agriculture.

National Climate Assessment Connecticut Fact Sheet

Connecticut Climate Preparedness Plan (2011)

The steering committee (now Governor’s Council on Climate Change or GC3) produced a swatch of adaptation strategies. They focus on the topics of agriculture, infrastructure, natural resources, and human health since the legislature directed them to these topics. Regardless, a number of the suggested strategies require municipal action and even leadership. For example, the report suggested: educate local health department staff on climate change impacts, minimize combined sewer overflows, Implement new or modified policies that would encourage appropriate land use and reduce repetitive losses (Adaptation Subcommittee of Governor’s Steering Committee on Climate Change, 2011)

A Report to the Town of Groton and Communities throughout New England from ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability and Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection April 2011, Missy Stults and Jennifer Pagach

Other programs in Connecticut: Resilient Bridgeport, Stamford 2030, New Haven Climate & Sustainability Framework, Nature Conservancy Coastal Resilience Tool

General Climate Change Resources

 Worksheet – Adaptation Resources and Contacts

Worksheet – Plan Review and Checklist

National Climatic Data Center A comprehensive resource focusing on climate change and climate related impacts by NOAA.

NOAA Climate Literacy Program 

International Fifth Assessment Report (2014) These Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports are major international efforts across numerous scientific disciplines. They offer a physical science basis for climate change, mitigation, adaptation/vulnerability observations, and a synthesis report. There’s also a “Summary for Policy-makers.”

U.S. National Climate Assessment (2018) This report summarizes the impacts of climate change across the United States. It is a partnership of experts and Federal Advisory Committee with extensive review by other agencies and experts.

U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit

U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit – Northeast US Resilience

PrepData Climate data visualization and interactive map

Antioch University New England Webinar “Navigating the US Climate Resilience Toolkit”

Adaptation Guidance

“Assessing Your Community’s Economic & Climate Resiliency” NY Climate Smart Communities webinar

RPLC -CAPR Building Capacity for Rural Adaptation PDF, Video, Powerpoint

Connecticut Adaptation Resource Toolkit (CART)

EPA Climate Change: Resilience and Adaptation in New England (RAINE) Searchable case-studies throughout New England

Climate Change Adaptation Resource Center (ARC-X)

Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange (CAKE) Put together by Island Press and Eco-Adapt, CAKE is an online forum aimed at building a shared knowledge base for managing natural systems in the face of climate change. The website includes information about adaptation case studies, links to climate change tools, and other resources. CAKE also puts out a monthly newsletter with recent adaptation-related developments.

Adaptation Clearinghouse (Georgetown Climate Center) Links to resources, expert organizations, assessments and state and local adaptation plans.

State and Local Climate Adaptation Plans (Center for Climate and Energy Solutions)

New Jersey Getting to Resilience: A Community Planning Evaluation Tool

The Nature Conservancy’s Community Resilience Building Workshop

Antioch University New England Webinar “Incorporating Climate Solutions into Day to Day Adaptation”  Participants in this webinar learned how to approach development, financing and implementation of climate adaptation strategies across all municipal planning activities.

Northeast States & Canada Information

NHDES – Adaptation Tool-kit New Hampshire has recently developed an Adaptation Tool-kit. The Tool-kit has information on state, regional, and local initiatives as well as suggestions for climate change messaging, starting community conversations, case studies, vulnerability assessments, planning, implementation, funding and other resources.

The Resilient Vermont Project A project led by the Institute for Sustainable Communities that is developing statewide recommendations to build climate resiliency into Vermont communities, state and environment.

Resilient Massachusetts  The Massachusetts Climate Change Clearinghouse (resilient MA) is a gateway for policymakers, local planners, and the public to identify and access climate data, maps, websites, tools, and documents relevant to climate change adaptation and mitigation across Massachusetts.

Vermont Agency of Natural Resources Climate Change Team Web site for information on climate change and what it means for Vermont and Vermonters. Includes a catalog of ongoing climate-change initiatives, reports on the state’s greenhouse gas emissions, some background on the climate change issue, a discussion of the adaptation issues including a series of white papers addressing adaptation in eight sectors; a library of state plans and reports, a list of actions individuals can take to make a difference, and a link to a quarterly newsletter.

New York Climate Smart Communities Climate Smart Communities (CSC) is a New York State program that helps local governments take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to a changing climate. Benefits include leadership recognition, free technical assistance, and access to grants.

Maine Adaptation Toolkit

New Jersey Getting to Resilience: A Community Planning Evaluation Tool

Northeast Regional Vulnerability Assessment

New England Federated Partners  Collection of federal agencies cooperating to advance resiliency.

2018 CRRF Panel – Canada in a Changing Climate: Rural and Remote Communities Video

2018 CRRF Rural Resilience Video

Local & Regional Projects

Local Communities Adapting to Climate Change This online course, put together by the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, the Consensus Building Institute, and Bio-Era, is intended to guide decision makers and other stakeholders in managing the risks associated with climate change at the local and regional levels.

Antioch University New England Webinar “Regional Collaboration for Resilience:How to build effective, sustainable cross-jurisdictional climate collaboratives”

Hartford Climate Stewardship Initiative (mostly climate mitigation efforts but informative)

Northwest Hills COG Vulnerability Screening Map

SCCOG Resilience Initiatives

  • Hazard Mitigation Plans
  • Critical Facilities Assessment
  • CRS Study (on-going)
  • Regional Resilience Guidebook (The Nature Conservancy)
  • Regional POCD

Local Resilience Initiatives